List of Rectors

Below is a list of Rectors of St Nicholas Church, Sutton. This information was originally taken from the list that is published at the west end of the Church. More information is being discovered and some of the gaps are being filled in.

Nicholas de Heddeshore
23rd October 1291
Patron: Chertsey Abbey. Abbot Bartholomew de Winton

Richard de Barton
26 September 1301, mentioned 1319?
Patron: Chertsey Abbey. Abbot Bartholomew de Winton

Mentioned 1343
Patron: Chertsey Abbey. Abbot John de Rutherwyk

(Register 1345-1366 Lost)

Roger de Mohante
was Rector 1362, references in 1364 and 1367
Patron: Chertsey Abbey. Abbot William de Clyve

John Peyntor de Ludgershall
12 March 1377-8
Patron: Chertsey Abbey. Abbot John de Uske

John at Vyne
30 January 1391 to May 1392
Patron: Chertsey Abbey. Abbot John de Uske

John Pynnere
18 May 1392 to 15th October 1397
Patron: Chertsey Abbey. Abbot John de Uske

William Ferye
15 October 1397
Patron: King Richard II

Robert Peek
30 January 1398 to 17 February 1401 (or 2)
Patron: possibly King Richard II

William Grenefelde
17 February 1401 (or 2)
Patron: Chertsey Abbey. Abbot Thomas de Culverdone

John Baker
was Rector 6th June 1411 and 17 December 1412

(Register 1415-1446 Lost)

William Barnet
Mentioned 1440, died 1451.

Richard Sotty
19 April 1451
Patron: Archbishop of Canterbury on demise of Abbat, dated 10 March 1448-9 pro hac vice
(Note: John de Hermondesworth was Abbot of Chertsey from 1419 until his death in 1458, so I do not understand the above.)

William Morland
13 March 1461, resigned 1488
Patron: The King for this turn

William Kelet
15 November 1488, died late 1500
Patron: King Henry VII

(Register 1492-1500 Lost)

John Grygge LLD
c1500 - 1527
Patron: probably the King

William Benet LLD
19th March 1527 to 26th September 1533
Patron: probably the King

? Wright
was Rector 1534

Richard Sedgrave
??? - Resigned 10th February 1540.
Patron: probably the King

Richard Eliot
10 February 1540 - died 1543
Patron: The King

Miles Braithwaite, M.A.
17 July 1543, deprived 1554
Patron: The King

Edmund Marvyn M.A.
4 July 1554, deprived 1560
Patron: Queen Mary

Henry Parry

17th February 1560 to deprived 1568???
Patron: Thomas Wyndsore

Thomas Halliday
8 September 1568
Patron: Henry Hungate, Citizen of London

James Griffith
3rd March 1569, died 29th December 1600
Patrons: Henry Browker of Stoke, Thomas Chaplin Esq, of Mere, John Powell, Hugh Powell

Ambrose Brigges
29 December 1600
Patron: Sir Francis Carew

Robert Cordell
22 March 1602-3

Ralph Skynner
was Rector in 1624

(Register 1616 - 1628 Lost)

Josse Glover
From 1625, Resigned 1636
Patron: Dame Grace Darcy

Henry Wyche
8 June 1636
Patron: Edward Darcy of Dartford

George Roberts
23 September 1678
Patron: Sir Richard Mason

Jeremiah Oakley
4 March 1685
Patron: Richard Mason, hac vice

William Stephens
26 July 1690
Patron: Lady Ann Mason

James Ramsey
10 March 1717-8
Patron: Thomas Case and Mary Blackman, hac vice

James Sanxay
31 December 1745
Patron: Henry Cliff, Esq

Giles Hatch
8 January 1767
Patron: Margaret Elianor Cliffe, by advice of Susannah, Widow her Guardian

Charles Gardner, DD
11 March 1800
Patron: Sarah Walford

Henry Hatch
9 May 1831
Patron: Hertford College, Oxford

John Allen Giles, DD
Patron: Hertford College, Oxford

Charles Thomas Crutwell, M.A.
17 January 1885
Patron: Hertford College, Oxford

Herbert William Turner, M.A.
7 February 1886
Patron: Hertford College, Oxford

Edward Percy Woolcombe, OBE, MA
8 September 1922
Patron: Hertford College, Oxford

Frederick James Gilbert, MA
12 January 1955
Patron: Hertford College, Oxford

John Mackintosh Scott, MA
7 November 1964
Patron: Hertford College, Oxford

John Norman Higgins, MA
25 April 1967
Patron: Hertford College, Oxford

Frank Edward Rusby, MA
21 April 1978
Patron: Hertford College, Oxford

David Hazlehurst, BSc
29 November 1984
Patron: Hertford College, Oxford

Sara Jacoba Helena Goatcher
16 January 1996
Patron: Hertford College, Oxford


The List of Abbots of Chertsey has been drawn from:

'House of Benedictine monks: Abbey of Chertsey', A History of the County of Surrey: Volume 2 (1967), pp. 55-64.